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Additional Maintenance Services

Pennzoil Higher Mileage Vehicle Full Service
Formulated for vehicles with over 75,000 miles
Pennzoil Gold Full Service
Formulated for the demands of larger vehicles and hard-working engines.
Pennzoil Platinum Full Service
Formulated for high-performance vehicles. Superior anti-wear protection.
Pennzoil Ultra Full Service
Nothing comes closer to factory clean.
Mobil 1 Full Service $62.99
Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange
Replaces nearly 100% of your vehicle's old, dirty fluid with new, clean fluid.
Automatic Transmission Drain & Fill
Replaces up to 30% of your vehicle's transmission fluid
Manual Transmission Service $44.99
Transfer Case, Front or Rear Differential Service $39.99 each
Radiator Service
Replaces 100% of your engine's coolant.
Serpentine Belt Service $79.99
Gumout 3-Step Fuel System Cleaning
Restores lost performance and power. Helps restore fuel economy.
Air Conditioning Service (R134a)
Complete evacuation of old freon and recharge with new freon
Air Filters $14.99 & Up
Cabin Air Filters $22.99
Rain-X Weatherbeater Wiper Blades
Good all-weather protection. 13 sizes available.
$9.99 each
Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blades
The best in wiper blade technology. 10 sizes available.
$19.99 each
Brake, Parking, Turn Signal, or Side Marker Light Bulbs $5.99 each
Headlights, High Beams, or Fog Light Bulbs $15.99 each
Fuel Filters
Improves fuel flow
Engine Flush
Flushes debris that's clogging oil passages.
Gunk Oil Treatment
Maximum engine wear-protection. Helps prevent oil-burning and cuts friction.

Prices do not include sales tax and are subject to change without notice.